Memorializing Your Loved One: The Different Types of Tombstones, Explained

Are you planning your funeral?

If not, you should. Even if you’re young and in good health, things can change in the blink of an eye. Planning ahead ensures that your final arrangements are in place. If not, you should. Getting urns, Funeral Flags and tombstones ready before time. If not, you should. Headstones last for many years and communicate a lot about the deceased.

This guide will help you learn about different types of tombstones and which ones are right for you and your family.

Upright Headstones

Upright headstones are by far the most common types of tombstones found at cemeteries. These headstones generally feature a flat, vertical stone surface, often adorned with design elements like sculpture, reliefs, and carvings.

Common shapes are typically square, rectangular, or sometimes slightly rounded, and sizes can range from small to grand. Upright headstones are often topped with a decorative crown or finial.

Flat Grave Markers

Flat grave markers, also referred to as markers, are a type of tombstone material that is completely flat and flush on the ground. These markers are typically constructed from metal, granite, or marble and offer an attractive and dignified way of honoring a deceased loved one.

One of the main benefits of a flat grave marker is its ability to fit into surroundings that may be limited in available space. They are a popular option for those looking for a tasteful and elegant way to remember their loved ones and provide a place to mark the person’s final resting place.

Flat Grave Marker Bronze

Flat grave markers made of bronze are an economical and aesthetically pleasing marker for a cemetery. These markers are often made of solid bronze and are mounted on a granite tombstone base. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different types of graves.

Bronze is a nature- and weather-resistant metal, making them ideal for outdoor use. The surface of the marker can be engraved with names, dates, and symbols to honor the deceased and commemorate their life.

Niche Marker

A Niche Marker is a type of memorial used to commemorate family members and loved ones who have passed away. This type of memorial is typically a narrow, vertical piece of stone with a space to hold cremation ashes or funeral mementos.

Niche Markers vary in the stone used and design, depending on the needs of the deceased and the preferences of the family. Some of the different types of Niche Markers include raised plaque, bronze plaque, laser-marked stone, engraved or sandblasted stone, and color-etched stone.

Slanted Headstones

Slanted headstones are a common form of tombstone, typically used to mark a gravesite and commemorate the person buried there. Slanted headstones are one of the most respectful and unique types of grave memorials.

They can be used to honor a deceased person, family members, and any other person or group important to the family. Slanted headstones are usually made of granite or marble, though other materials can be used.

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Learn More About Types of Tombstones

Tombstones come in various shapes, sizes, materials, textures, designs, and lettering. Each one has its own unique memorialization of the deceased, which is why researching each types of tombstones is important.

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