Things To Consider before moving out to Austin

Are you thinking about packing up and heading to a new city? Austin, Texas, is the perfect fit for you. And before you start thinking about cowboy hats and barbecue – which, by the way, are fantastic here – let us reiterate that Austin is not your everyday Texas city.

Austin is like a mix-tape – a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Imagine Southern hospitality, creativity, and technology all wrapped into one. It’s got a reputation – one of culture, diversity, and chance. It’s like a magnet, drawing in all sorts of citizens.

And speaking of people, the diversity is unbelievable. There are millennials grooving into the music scene and carving out their space in the booming tech industry. Then you’ve got families totally in love with the top-notch schools and safe, friendly neighborhoods. And let’s not forget about the retirees enjoying the sunshine and high-quality healthcare.

The best part about Austin is that it gives off a cozy, neighborly vibe, but it’s got the perks of a big city. So, when you move here, you get the best of both worlds – a small town and a bustling metropolis. With its irresistible allure and dynamic culture, it’s no wonder everyone seems to be setting their sights on this city. So, why not consider making Austin, Texas, your next home? It’s worth a shot!

The Housing Market

Austin’s housing market is diverse and ever-growing, with options ranging from luxury downtown condos to charming single-family homes in quieter neighborhoods. With Austin’s rising popularity, the housing market has seen a surge in demand and, consequently, a steady increase in prices, but there’s still something for every budget. Popular neighborhoods include South Congress with its quirky vibes, Mueller for its sustainability efforts, and Hyde Park for its historic charm.

Cost of Living in Austin

Living in Austin does come with its own price tag. The cost of living is slightly higher than the national average, with housing being the main factor. On the flip side, food, utilities, and healthcare are pretty much on par with the rest of the country. However, the slightly elevated costs are balanced by no state income tax and the high quality of life that Austin offers.

Job Market and Economic Growth

Austin is a hub for economic growth, with thriving industries like technology, healthcare, and entertainment. Known as “Silicon Hills,” it’s home to many tech giants and start-ups, providing ample job opportunities. The city’s strong economy and low unemployment rate make it an attractive choice for professionals looking to advance their careers.

Education Opportunities in Austin

Educational prospects in Austin are abundant. The city boasts highly-rated school districts, prestigious universities like the University of Texas at Austin, and numerous trade schools. Whether you’re planning for your children’s education or considering advancing your own qualifications, Austin has a wealth of opportunities.

Weather and Climate in Austin

When it comes to weather, Austin gets a little creative. Summers are hot and can get quite intense, but thankfully, the multitude of watering holes in and around the city provide relief. Winters are mild, and snow is a rare sight, making it ideal for those who aren’t fans of the cold. Spring and fall are truly glorious, with pleasant temperatures and an array of colors that paint the city.

Austin’s Culture and Entertainment Scene

Austin’s culture is eclectic and vibrant, offering a vast array of entertainment options. Renowned for its music festivals like SXSW and Austin City Limits, it’s a paradise for music lovers. Foodies will appreciate the food truck parks and farmers’ markets, while art enthusiasts will be drawn to the numerous galleries and art events.

Outdoor Activities and Natural Beauty

There’s no shortage of outdoor activities in Austin. The city is cradled by hill country, offering stunning hiking trails. Parks like Zilker Park and the Barton Creek Greenbelt provide ample opportunities for biking, canoeing, and swimming. Plus, the scenic beauty of Lady Bird Lake and Lake Travis are sights to behold.

Transportation in Austin

Austin offers various public transportation options like buses and light rail provided by Capital Metro. However, most residents prefer using cars as the primary mode of transportation. The city is also becoming increasingly bike-friendly with dedicated lanes, and the downtown area is quite walkable.

Austin’s Diverse Communities

Austin embraces diversity and inclusion; the city’s most endearing attribute is its vibrant mix of communities. No matter which corner of the world you hail from or what your beliefs are, you can find your niche here.

You will find the tight-knit Asian-American community and the thriving LGBTQ+ districts; it’s as varied as it is hospitable. According to the 2020 Census Bureau data, Austin’s population boasts multiple cultures, with approximately 49.6% Non-Hispanic White, 33.5% Hispanic, 7.8% Black, and 6.8% Asian residents. This mix of cultures is something that the residents take pride in.

Healthcare Facilities in Austin

If you are wondering about healthcare, Austin’s got you covered! The city is home to many reputable healthcare facilities. You can easily find a healthcare facility for your annual physical check-up or emergency. Plus, you’ll be in safe hands. These nationally recognized healthcare providers, like the Seton Medical Center and St. David’s Medical Center, are excellent facilities right in the community.

Austin is also the proud home to the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas, a testament to the city’s commitment to advancing health and medical knowledge.

Preparing for the Big Move

Now, here comes the fun part – the big move! It might seem like a mountain of tasks right now, but let’s break it down. Start by decluttering your home – remember, less is more when it comes to packing and moving. Donate or sell items you no longer need and pack your belongings systematically. It might be worth considering hiring a reputable moving company to help ease the transition; they’re pros at this, after all.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with your new neighborhood in Austin. Get to know the nearest grocery store, park, library, and the best BBQ place around! And yes, remember to set up utilities and other services in your new home before you move in. Planning and preparation can make the move less stressful and more enjoyable.


If you’ve made it to the end of this guide, you’re seriously considering making Austin your new home. And rightly so. Austin, with its combination of cultures, booming economy, and stunning landscapes, is the kind of place that can instantly capture hearts. The best part? This city boasts a pace of life that is just right – not too frantic or slow. Residents can revel in a music festival one day, a peaceful and exhilarating hike the next, or enjoy fine dining with family or friends.

While no city is perfect, and Austin is no exception. However, its imperfections are part of what makes it so unique and inviting.