The Essentials of Commercial Roofing Maintenance

The Essentials of Commercial Roofing Maintenance

If you are looking for information about the basics of commercial roofing maintenance, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you own a business or want to ensure that you maintain your property, there are a few tips that can help you keep your building’s roof and interior dry.


Whether you own a commercial property or not, it’s essential to inspect your roof regularly. It can help you identify any potential problems and avoid costly emergencies.

While a roofing inspector will only spend a little bit of time on the exterior of your building, they will take a look at the area’s ceilings, edges and machinery. The report will include the areas causing leaks and likely include photos. You’ll receive a formal report that you can use to plan repairs better.

A complete inspection can be as little as an hour, but it could take longer, depending on the size of your roof. To begin, you’ll need to measure the area to be inspected and obtain a tape measure. Next, you’ll need to check the site for signs of wear, such as cracks, holes, and loose materials.

Clogged Gutters and Drains

If you own a commercial building, you should ensure that your gutters and drains are clean. They cannot only prevent water damage but also help protect your business from the risk of mold and mildew.

The gutters and drains on your roof are designed to catch and direct the water flowing off your roof. However, they can be clogged by leaves, branches, and other debris. This can cause your roof to leak, which can be costly.

If your roof is damaged, the problem is most likely due to inadequate drainage. You may need to install new gutters and downspouts. A professional roofer like those from commercial roofing Seattle can inspect your property to determine if this is the case.

During the winter months, ice dams can form. This can lead to an enormous mess on your landscaping. It can also cause water spots on your ceiling.

Signs of Damage to the Roof

Identifying the signs of damage to the commercial roof is integral to building maintenance. A damaged roof can be costly to repair and, in some cases, lead to more damage inside a building. For instance, leaks can result in mold and foul odors.

A leak is one of the most obvious signs of damage to the commercial roof. This is especially true after heavy rain or storms, when water may build up in the interior of the building. The most obvious signs of a leak are puddles of water on the floor, but a leaking ceiling is also a sign.

In addition to a leaky roof, damaged flashing and improperly installed roofing can also be a problem. These issues can allow water into the walls and the building itself.

Roofing Sealing

One excellent approach to make roofing maintenance easier is to apply a roof seal coating to protect your roof ahead of time. Because it may assist in limiting weather damage, roof seal coating does your work of maintaining your roof much more accessible. Whether the weather is rainy or hot, you’ll have less trouble mending holes or dealing with stress fractures on roof components.

Schedule for Routine Maintenance and Inspections

Maintenance and inspections aim to ensure that your roof is in excellent working order. However, doing maintenance or inspections many months apart may cause complications. You may overlook a warning sign that your roof is in jeopardy, only to return a few months later to discover that the little problem has grown into a serious one that might cause your roof to collapse.