The Latest Jewelry Trends That Are Everywhere in 2023

The Latest Jewelry Trends That Are Everywhere in 2023

Believe it or not, the average person spends roughly $70 on jewelry every year.

Jewelry is more accessible than ever these days. Thanks to fast fashion, you can have a new piece of jewelry on your doorstep by the end of the day. And thanks to cheap manufacturing methods, you won’t have to spend a pretty penny on it.

What are the biggest jewelry trends in 2023? Fast fashion has changed the market drastically already. But we haven’t even seen the beginning of how the jewelry industry will change.

Keep reading as we discuss what to look forward to in the coming months.

Jewelry Trends to Be on the Lookout For: Mermaidcore

Yes, you heard that right. Mermaidcore is all about beautiful sea creatures that lure men into the water, from whence they never return. So if the allure of the siren aesthetic is for you, jump on board.

Mermaidcore likely sprang up as a result of the recent Little Mermaid trailer. As such, affordable jewelry pearls and oceanic motifs are all the rage.

Be on the lookout for dreamy rainbow colors like caustic patterns beneath the sea. Blues and greens may become a mainstay in your jewelry collection. If you can find a surfer’s seashell necklace, that works too.

Thrifty Finds

TikTokers the world over are on the hunt for clever finds in pawn and thrift shops. It’s a ton of work and requires infinite patience. But if you stick it through, you’re guaranteed to find an excellent addition to your jewelry collection.

As such, thrift pulls are often about design principles from eras gone. You may find something with 70s retro flair, or wacky 80s pieces. A cursory glance at the fashion industry as a whole reveals that revival is always happening.

Some of that old jewelry needs a refresher before you put it on your skin, though. Keep your metal or watch cleaning tools on hand before dealing with all types of jewelry.

Found Objects

Do you ever look at two pieces you have, and wish you could combine elements of both? With found jewelry, you can. The philosophy is one of breaking down old jewelry and rebuilding it into something new.

Found objects often involve replacing gemstones or chains. If you’re really crafty, you can even swap out watch bands or retool rings. It adds a new level of personalization to your jewelry game.

Lab-Grown Gemstones

Look, it’s pretty obvious by now that diamonds are not a girl’s best friend. DeBeers pulled a hood over our eyes, and people now see that diamonds aren’t all that valuable. So instead of buying real diamonds, people are just fine with lab-grown.

Diamonds are incredibly easy to make–further proof of how much they’re really worth. You can pick up a lab-grown diamond for very cheap. Best of all, no one will know the difference.

Find New Jewelry Today

Jewelry trends are always changing, so keep up with your social media feeds. Add a new piece to your jewelry collection with the styles above. You can find affordable jewelry and never leave the house to get it.

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