Tips to Reduce the Effect of Rahu in Your Life

Rahu, or Rāhu, is the Moon’s ascending node, along with Ketu, the descendant node. It has been mentioned in several Hindu texts, such as the Puranas and Vedas. ‘Rahu’ means ‘the one who causes destruction’ in Sanskrit. 

The role of Rahu in astrology varies depending on the sign and house where it is placed and whether or not it owns these houses. Rahu is considered malefic (negative) when associated with violent and disastrous events like death, accidents and disasters.

1. Don’t Seek Fame

It’s important to remember that you don’t need everyone’s approval or admiration. It may be tempting for some people to want a lot of attention, but it will only increase your suffering and make you feel less than who you are. 

Try not to seek Fame for yourself, and instead stay humble. Remember that you are your person with your own opinion, so don’t change who you are just because other people might approve more.

2. Avoid Gambling, Speculation, Lottery, Business Risky Investing etc

The best thing you can do to prevent negative effects is to ensure your life is balanced. You don’t want too much wealth or too little. Having a healthy balance between those two is important, so neither one takes over. Here are some other tips:

Avoid gambling and speculation; these will only cause you trouble! – Stay away from lottery tickets and other forms of gambling like slot machines.

3. Use Mantra for Prevention

It is said that if you repeat this mantra 108 times in astrology, then it can help reduce the effect of Rahu: 

Om tat sat namah shivaya namaha om tat sat namah shivaya om tat sat namah shivaya. Om tat sat namah shivaya samidha karaniya, Om tat sat namah shivaya samidha karaniya 

By offering cow dung with flowers on the sacred mound every day. Also, worshiping Shiva linga and all deities with sandal paste as a sacrificial offering and doing Japa (meditation) at dawn or dusk will encourage removing Rahu’s malefic effects from your life.

4. Wear/carry The Stone For Protection Against Doshas

Wearing or carrying The Stone for protection against doshas can help reduce your exposure to the negative effects. 

Place The Stone on your head, chest, or any other part of the body that is most affected by Rahu.

5. Maintain Good Friends Circle

Please stay connected with friends and family by talking to them regularly. It will help you feel less isolated and give you a sense that there are people who care about your well-being. 

Call your best friend for a pep talk or head over for tea with your mom when you’re feeling down.

6. Meditate on Saturn & Jupiter

One way to reduce the effect of Rahu is through meditation. Saturn and Jupiter are both powerful planets that can put a stop to your bad fortune and help you avoid negative energy from people., 1) 

You can sit or lie down, but it should be something that is relaxing for you. Once you find your spot, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

7. Grow Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) as A House Plant

House plants are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do they make your place look more alive, but they also have many benefits for you and your family’s health. One example is growing ashwagandha as a house plant. It can help reduce the effect of Rahu on your life.

8. Practice Mudras For Rahu Dosha Prevention and Control

Mudras are known to affect your spiritual, mental and physical well-being profoundly. There are specific mudras that can help you reduce the effect of Rahu. 

The Gyan Mudra is a powerful practice that will help you remove the negative influences from your mind. This mudra brings about mental clarity and stability, allowing you to make better decisions in life. 

The Chin Mudra is a hand gesture with both hands pressed together at chest level, fingers pointing inward towards each other so that they touch lightly and thumbs touching each other as well. It wards off bad luck by keeping negative energies out of one’s body and helps with any digestive problems.

9. Yoga Asanas For Rahu Vata Deficiency

Virabhadrasana II is an excellent asana to release tension from your lower back and hamstrings, thereby reducing the effects of Rahu.

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana) will reduce pressure on your lower back and spine, lengthen your hamstrings and stimulate your abdominal organs- all that is good for reducing the effects of Rahu. You can also lie down with your arms above your head and bring one leg up at a time. This will work in all those same areas!


There are nine planets in our solar system, and one among them, known as Rahu, has a tail resembling a dragon’s head. It represents the forces of obstruction, destruction and change that bring us pain and sorrow. 

To understand how to reduce the effect of Rahu in our astrology, you must first learn about this planet’s characteristics and function in our astrological chart. Then you can adopt some simple measures to curtail the harm it can cause in your life.