Dream Decks

Top Ways To Take Care Of Your Dream Decks

The thought of designing your ideal deck is always thrilling. Still, the task might seem quite daunting with the growing complexity of today’s outdoor rooms and the myriad of new options, including vinyl decking in Calgary or where you reside. Before laying down a single deck board or selecting outdoor kitchen accessories, you must choose how you intend to use this outdoor living area. Consider what is essential to your family, and generate a list of attractive attributes.

5 Ways To Maximize The Life Of Your Dream Deck

Here are five things to remember while putting together your ideal decks to help you create something durable, beautiful, functional, and personal.

  • Install An Under-Deck Roof

If you have unused space beneath your deck, you can create a vinyl deck covering the under-deck roof that gathers water, drips through the deck planks and sends it away from the new patio. Although adding gutters is optional, doing so prevents water from splashing onto the patio.

  • Improve Decks Using Lights

Landscape lighting may be a challenging do-it-yourself project, but installing low-voltage lighting systems is a chore any beginner can accomplish. Due to the use of a transformer, low-voltage systems are far safer than ordinary domestic wiring. If you make your deck the focal point, the increased visibility will also increase your safety.

  • Moisture-Repellent Composite Decking

The water-shedding deck is a one-of-a-kind composite deck that prevents water from passing between deck boards, keeping the space beneath the deck dry. A dry compartment beneath the deck is an excellent spot to continue your deck party during a rainstorm or to construct essential dry storage. Remember to lay the structural joists parallel to the house for the decking to run perpendicular to direct water away and ensure the substructure has a sufficient slope to drain water.

  • Use Engineered Lumber Outside

Inside structures, engineered wood has been utilized for years because it is more durable and straighter than natural wood. There are now models designed for outdoor use. It may not be cost-effective to frame a full deck with engineered lumber, but installing engineered lumber dropping beams is an excellent method to reduce the number of deck posts and footings.

  • Use Flash Tapes

Using Flashing Tape to Prevent Deck Rot Pressure-treated wood that is wet will eventually rot. Flashing tape prevents water from accumulating between duplicated joists. Cover any joists with numerous nail and screw holes with tape if you resurface an existing deck frame. Buy black tape if you can; silver and white tapes may be seen between decking gaps if they are glossy and reflective. The surrounding deck board will conceal the illustrated tape.


It’s time to tend to your dream deck, but before you decide whether to do it yourself or hire deck builders in Calgary or the adjacent areas, there are several considerations to keep in mind. However, with careful planning and preparation, even you can transform the most unremarkable deck into a beautiful outdoor refuge.