The 4 Top Things You Should be Cleaning Around Your Home For The End of Summer

The 4 Top Things You Should be Cleaning Around Your Home For The End of Summer

End of summer cleaning and organizing is just as important as spring cleaning. When preparing for a new season, it’s a good idea to get everything into shape both inside and outside of your home. This allows you to simply maintain your home over the colder months, and you can rest assured that all your lawn equipment will be good to go for the next year. You may also hire a cleaning company for these services and save your time

But what exactly should you be doing to get everything properly cleaned and organized in preparation? We gathered the best tips and tricks from the experts so you know exactly what you should be doing for your end of summer cleaning.

1.Clean and put away summer equipment

“Summer equipment like your lawn mower, BBQ, and other gardening equipment needs to be maintained in order to use it year after year,” says Don Rees of RealCraft. “Although you might use these things sporadically during the warmer months of fall, for the most part they aren’t going to be used much until the spring. I suggest cleaning your outdoor equipment and storing them properly before it’s too late.

Cleaning your grill inside and out and covering it with a tarp will help to keep it secure from most of the elements. It will also discourage pests from living inside during the winter as food particles left over can attract them. Also make sure your lawn mower is put away in a shed or garage, and other gardening equipment is cleaned and organized so they are good to use again.”

2.Prepare your garden beds

Johannes Hock of Artificial Grass Pros says, “If you live in a climate where the temperature drops significantly in the winter, then you need to make sure your garden beds are properly cared for so they come back in the spring. Plant covers are a great solution as they help to minimize frost and don’t allow for snow to suffocate them. 

Also make sure to take in any potted plants that can’t handle the very cold temperatures and store them in a garage or basement. This way they are in a more controlled environment and your perennial plants will come back year after year.”

3.Wash and disinfect your bed!

Karen Lee of Smart Robotic Home suggests that your mattress should be cleaned once or twice a year. “It’s not as tough as you think, and makes a difference when it comes to the freshness of your bed. You can buy an upholstery cleaner, or simply make your own stain removing solution. You can mix water, hydrogen peroxide, clear dish soap and baking soda in a spray bottle and cover your mattress with the solution. Then take a cloth and rub out any visible stains. This solution will help to clean the mattress, remove any odors and stains. 

Cleaning and disinfecting your mattress is a must at the end of the summer as a lot of dust and common allergens can float and land on your bed and pillows. It’s a good idea just to give everything a refresh so you can breathe easier and sleep well at night. Distilled vinegar is a great option for disinfecting your mattress and can be mixed with water and sprayed lightly on the mattress then blot with a damp towel. 

Also make sure to wash your pillows in hot water with a drop of vinegar to clean and disinfect them as well!”

4.Clean the inside and outside of your windows

Your windows can become quite dirty in the summer as most people leave their windows open, which can lead to an accumulation of dust and dirt. The end of the summer is the perfect time to deep clean your windows as it’s still a good temperature to be outside, and to let them air dry. 

Regular dish soap and warm water is a cheap and effective way to clean your windows. Simply make a solution in a bucket and saturate them. Use a cloth to clean them, and then use a squeegee to take care of any watermarks. For the inside, don’t forget the window track as a lot of dirt can get into the grooves.